Reduction of services in Student Support Center & International Center

Dear all the students in MuroranIT,

We are seriously concerned about COVID-19 now. Our university stops face-to-face
student services at the counter in Student Support Center as well as International Center. While the Centers stop the services, we would like you to use email or phone call to communicate with us.
Also please check our website regularly to follow the latest information.
Thank you.

[Contact] From 8:30am to 5:15pm, weekday only.
 Student Support Center

+ Kyomu Kikaku-kakari  0143-46-5107 /

+ Kyoiku Shien-kakari  0143-46-5109 /

+ Gakusei Shien-kakar 0143-46-5130 /

+ Nyushi Senryaku-ka  0143-46-5130 /

Career Support Center

  0143-46-5162 /


International Center

  0143-46-5888 /


Thank you for your understanding.

April 14th, 2020.

Student Support Center (Gakusei Shien-kakari)