Presidential Message: Start of face-to-face (experiment/practice-based) classes

To MuroranIT students,


As of May 25, 2020, the nationwide COVID-19 state of emergency was completely lifted in accordance with its removal on five prefectures including Hokkaido.


It will not be considered nonessential or non-urgent for students to move from their hometowns to their homes in Muroran so as to take face-to-face (experiments/practice-based) classes. However, in consideration of strong requests from Japanese Government and Hokkaido Prefecture, I would like to ask students to move to Muroran on and after June 1st. After arriving in Muroran, please stay in the city with self-observation of your health condition as announced in my previous message on May 11 and be prepared to attend experiment/practice-based classes on campus from June 22.


At the beginning of face-to-face classes, I would also like to ask students to join ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection by following Action Guideline for Avoiding COVID-19 and Useful Information on the Novel Cornavirus Disease (COVID-19).


KUGA Yoshikazu


Muroran Institute of Technology