Notice on implementation of online classes and suspension of on-campus research activities [until June 21]

The MuroranIT COVID-19 Infection Prevention Task Force informs you as follows:


  1. Classes

・ All classes are conducted online.

・ All students take online classes at home using PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc. (* 1)


  1. Graduation Research

・ In principle, research activities of senior, graduate, and research students on campus are suspended.


  1. Entry to University campus

・ As a general rule, the entry of undergraduate, graduate, and research students to university is banned.


* 1 If you do not have a necessary device for online classes, immediately contact us below:

-Academic Affairs Section:, 0143-46-5107

-Education Support Section:, 0143-46-5109, 5112, 5121, 5111