Emergency Student Financial Support by Japanese Government and by MuroranIT Original.

Japanese Government helps students in trouble financially, such as those who cannot receive monthly income for their daily life by their part-time job, with emergency financial support system. MuroranIT has also prepared for additional financial support system for the students who cannot pass the screening selection of the government financial support above. International students are also included, so they can apply for both supports.


Application Guide (You need to read either one below first.)

 日本語 Japanese


 英語 English



1.Potential Applicants

 Both full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, including full-time international students, can apply for the financial supports. But short-term students like research students and auditors cannot.


2.Amount of Financial Support

People such as students who are exempt from residence tax will receive 200,000 yen, while students of other households will receive 100,000 yen



 ①Application Forms for Government Financial Support (Form1) [MS-Word]

 JPN https://www.muroran-it.ac.jp/gakusei/20200520_mxt_gakushi01.docx

 ENG https://www.mext.go.jp/content/20200527_mxt_gakushi_01_000007490_02.docx

  You need to attach additional files as evidence, if necessary. Students who are exempt from residence tax have to prepare for the document “Certificate of Resident Tax Exemption”.


 ② A Letter of Commitment and Check List(Form2)[MS-Word]

 JPN https://www.muroran-it.ac.jp/gakusei/20200520_mxt_gakushi02.docx

ENG https://www.mext.go.jp/content/20200527_mxt_gakushi_01_000007490_03.docx



 ③Application Forms for MuroranIT Original Financial Support (Form3) [MS-Word]

 JPN https://www.muroran-it.ac.jp/gakusei/muroran_kinkyukyuhu_shinseisyo.doc

 ENG Please see the SAMPLE form. It has English guide.  



 JPN https://www.muroran-it.ac.jp/gakusei/kyuhu_faq.pdf

 ENG https://www.mext.go.jp/content/20200527_mxt_gakushi_01_000007490_05.pdf


4.How to Apply

  ○Send the documents by Email. 

      Send all the files to gakusei@mmm.muroran-it.ac.jp


   ・You need to send them from your own univ account. [ ex)19029876@mmm.~]

   ・Subject is “学生支援緊急給付金申請について”. Better to copy and paste it. 

   ・You need to write down your full name and student number in message.

 ・You need to attach additional files as evidence, if necessary.

 ・When you submit Form3, send it by email.


 If there is a flaw in the submitted documents, they will not be accepted. Be careful when you apply.



  You need to submit all the files no later than June 12th, Friday.


6.Any inquiries concerning the financial support

  Student Support Center ( gakusei@mmm.muroran-it.ac.jp )