How to take final examinations.

Dear all students,

Final examinations start on August 11th and end on August 21st as scheduled.
The exams are conducted through face-to-face style, so you need to come to the campus in principle.

According to the presidential messages on May 11th and 27th, MuroranIT has already asked you to live at home in/near Muroran, where you live as an ordinary school life.
For the 1st-year students, MuroranIT has also asked you to start moving to Muroran area through the email from the vice president for academic affairs on June 19th.
If you stay in Japan but still stay out of Muroran area, please move immediately to Muroran. Such students need to be in quarantine as a health observation for two weeks before they take exams.

On the other hand, if you are taking online courses from abroad (out of Japan), you do not have to come to Muroran for final exams. The faculty in each online course will inform you of how to take final exams individually.


Muroran Institute of Technology