[Notice] Avoid cluster infection of COVID-19 in public places like restaurants and bars.

Dear all students,


   These days the number of people who got infected with COVID-19 is rapidly increasing again, especially young people in their 20s including college students. It is said that such people tend to get infected after going to restaurants and bars.

   Japanese government shows the behavioral guidelines to the young people through the following website so that they can avoid getting infected as a patient cluster.

   Based on the behavioral guideline, please take good actions against COVID-19 according to the new lifestyle.


〇 ‘New Lifestyle’ for long-term fight against COVID-19

・Avoid the 3Cs, which is Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings, in daily life. (It is called ‘San-Mitsu’[3Cs] in Japanese, Mippei [Closed spaces], Misshu [Crowded places], Missetsu [Close-contact settings].)

・Avoid dining in a large group.

・Keep in mind the sticker of “Against COVID-19”when entering restaurants.

・Refrain from talking loudly like chatting in restaurants or bars, singing in karaoke places, shouting for big events or sports viewing, etc.

・Wear a mask, sanitize and ventilate frequently.


【COVID-19 Information about MEXT’s measures】