Hokkaido raises its alert over COVID-19 to level 2

October 30, 2020


To students


On October 28th, the COVID-19 alert in Hokkaido went up to level 2. Accordingly, we urge students to continue to take thorough anti-infection measures along with a mindset that you can be infected at any time.


A number of newly infected cases on and off campus are being reported in many universities across Japan. Besides, suspected cases of infection are also increasing at home, restaurants as well as in outdoor leisure activities.


Young people may end with no serious symptoms or be mildly ill even when get infected with the virus. However, behaving as usual without any concern over possible transmission, they may spread the virus to their neighborhood and other areas, what is worse, to elderly people and those with underlying diseases who are vulnerable to a high risk of aggravation.


In order to contain COVID-19 and maintain socio-economic activities, each and every one of us should take proper actions against the spread of the pandemic on a daily basis as a responsible member of society.


Information on COVID-19 (Japanese)



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