Stronger Countermeasures and Requests during year-end & new-year holidays (homecoming, parties, coming-of-age ceremonies, etc.)


Dear all students,


Office for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan, has just sent a reminder of stronger countermeasures on coronavirus infection prevention to the people in Japan.

Hence, MuroranIT would like all of you to pay more attention to the coronavirus infection prevention in order to avoid various risks like the following 5 situations;


Situation 1: Social gatherings with drinking alcohols
Situation 2: Long feasts in large groups
Situation 3: Conversation without a mask
Situation 4: Living together in a small limited space
Situation 5: Switching locations


MuroranIT sent you the other reminders from the president on Oct.29 and from the vice president (me) on Oct.30. In addition, they also informed you of the cooperation request from Government of Hokkaido in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Once someone involved in the university gets infected, then “close contact”, “suspicion of close contact”, and “contact person to close contact” have to be identified in accordance with instructions provided by public health department, which definitely have a tremendous negative impact on his/her surroundings.


Therefore, again MuroranIT strongly asks you for the understanding and cooperation for the preventive behaviors from the governmental disease control office announced on Dec.11.


MuroranIT Action Guideline against the spread of COVID-19 (Business Continuity Planning, BCP)
Information site for COVID-19 from Hokkaido Government
Information site from the Office for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control, Japan


Dr. NAGANO Koji,
Vice President,
Muroran Institute of Technology