With a raise to BCP Level 3, switch to distance learning plus anti-infection measures

As of May 14, 13 students have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. Consequently, MuroranIT has been working to identify close contacts and those who suspected of being infected in full cooperation with the Muroran Public Health Center.


In order to take more strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to raise the BCP Level to Level 3. Accordingly, the entry to the campus will be banned from May 15th to May 30th, 2021, in principle, and all the classes will be conducted via distance learning. Please make sure to check the Moodle for more specific instruction in this regard. Besides, extracurricular activities will be prohibited in addition to a ban to the use of university facilities like the gym.


We would like to request all students to pay special attention to the following measures to tackle the spread of infectious diseases, as instructed by the Muroran Public Health Center.


Protecting yourself and those around you depends on your own actions.

-Refrain from any activities in group such as a dinner, party or karaoke, etc., given that they will increase the risk of infection.

-Do not make unnecessary and non-urgent travels to and from areas (such as Sapporo City and its surrounding areas) where infectious diseases are being spread.

-Do not do any activities with people living in these areas, even if the number of participants is small.

-Do not go out when you are not feeling well.

-Thoroughly follow COVID-19 prevention instructions such as disinfection and use of masks.


* If you do not have the necessary device for taking distance classes, please do not hesitate

to contact kyomu@mmm.muroran-it.ac.jp by e-mail.