Raise to BCP Level 3 and request for cooperation to contain the spread of COVID-19

Since the end of the Golden Week holidays in early May, MuroranIT students have been continuously confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, and a large number of students have been designated as close contacts. We are taking appropriate measures in close cooperation with related organizations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.


If the number of COVID-19 infected cases continues to increase, it goes without saying that it will have a great impact on education and research activities. As some infected people have no symptoms, we have come to a decision on May 14th to raise the BCP Level to Level 3 from May 17th (Monday) to May 30th (Sunday), 2021, in order to contain the spread of infection on campus. As the raise to BCP Level 3 imposes several restrictions on education, research and administrative work, we would like to request for full cooperation from all faculty, staff and students at MuroranIT in these respects.


It has been reported that such a rapid increase in infected cases may be attributed to group activities like dinners, karaoke, etc. In consideration of increasing infection of COVID-19, the Japanese Government has extended the area of a state of emergency to Hokkaido Prefecture from May 16th, 2021.


Therefore, we would like to ask each and every member of MuroranIT to continue to follow anti-infection measures.