Action Guideline for Avoiding COVID-19

Prof. MATSUDA Mizushi,

Director of Health Administration Center,


The Center shows 10 actions for avoiding COVID-19 to all the MuroranIT students so that they can avoid COVID-19 properly.


(1) If you feel sick, even if only slightly or average body temperature, please stay home until you get well. Do not go to the crowds.


(2) When you go out of your home, put a mask on your mouth and nose. Do not cough loudly in public. You should understand “Cough Etiquette”. Go to the Center website, and you can get access to “Cough Etiquette”.


(3) You need to have social distance, 2 meters away from others.


(4) Wash your hands very often.


(5) Do not touch your face by hand.


(6) Do not speak loudly in front of people.


(7) Do not dine with lots of people.


(8) Ventilate, exchange room air, often.


(9) Sanitize the items around you like desks, chairs, pens, erasers, etc.


(10) After getting home, wash your hands, eat a substantial meal, and have a good sleep.


That’s all. Thank you.