With a change to BCP Level 2, request for continued cooperation in COVID 19 prevention measures

Since the number of new coronavirus infected cases is relatively small with no cluster confirmed on campus, the MuroranIT COVID-19 Task Force has decided to move its alert level to BCP Level 2 from June 7, 2021.


Following this decision, we will resume our education and research activities inside university with a priority on the prevention of COVID-19 infection. Given that people, in particular young people facing a high risk of aggravation once get infected, is being increasingly infected nationwide by mutated COVID variants, we ask each and every member of MuroranIT to continue to follow “Action Guideline for Avoiding COVID-19” to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Specifically, there are many cases of COVID-19 infection caused by travels to and from areas like Sapporo where the infectious disease is being enormously spread or group activities like dinner and karaoke. Therefore, please make sure not to get involved in these activities accompanying a high risk of infection.


We MuroranIT will continue to make our utmost efforts not only to facilitate education and research but also to prevent the spread of infection on campus. We would like to request your understanding and cooperation.



KUGA Yoshikazu


Muroran Institute of Technology