With a change to BCP Level 2, announcement on the implementation method of classes

As announced on May 14, Hokkaido Prefecture is being heavily affected by new corona virus, and some MuroranIT students have also been confirmed to be infected with the virus. In response to this, MuroranIT has been making its utmost efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus in close cooperation with the Muroran Public Health Center.


From June 7th, 2021, the BCP level of our university will be moved to Level 2 in order to resume education and research on campus along with strict anti-infection measures. Even with a change in the BCP alert level, most classes will remain to be conducted online, but some classes will be switched to face-to-face format. Students have to stay home in Muroran for a week from May 31st by checking their health condition and prepare for face-to-face classes. For details on the implementation method of each class, please confirm the Moodle page set for each class. Besides, extracurricular activities in addition to the access to university facilities will continue to be banned.


We ask all students to continue to keep the COVID 19 prevention measures below. Do not forget that protecting yourself and those around you depends on your behaviors.


-Refrain from any activities in group such as a dinner, party or karaoke, etc., as they will increase the risk of infection.

-Do not make unnecessary and non-urgent travels to and from areas (such as Sapporo City and its surrounding areas) where infectious diseases are being spread.

-Do not do any activities with people living in these areas, even if the number of participants is small.

-Do not go out when you are not feeling well.

-Strictly follow COVID-19 prevention instructions such as face mask use, disinfection and social distancing.