Regarding the Second Semester Classes Offering

Dear Students,


The Second Semester of Academic Year 2021 starts on Oct. 1st as scheduled.

During the class registration period (Oct. 1st~Oct. 14th), all classes will be offered online on account of restriction on the number of students in classrooms. Afterwards, as a general rule, they will switch to face-to-face classes. Please note that some classes may be conducted via online platforms in consideration of COVID-19 infection prevention, the availability of classrooms and so on. Specific information in this regard will be announced later.


Students should return home in Muroran by Oct. 1st, two weeks before the start of face-to-face classes, and stay home with mandatory self-health observation (recording of physical condition and temperature).


In the process of implementation of face-to-face classes, MuroranIT ensures to take precautionary measures, such as adequate ventilation, restriction on the number of people, and disinfection in classrooms, to reduce the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus as much as possible.

Students are also asked to continue to follow our instructions, namely “hand-washing with soap,” “disinfecting hands with alcoholic sanitizer,” “wearing masks” and “strictly prohibiting private talk,” before entering university buildings and classrooms.


In many areas of Japan, the spread of the new coronavirus infection is mostly attributed to daily activities like having meals with friends, drinking parties and dormitory life in addition to the surge of the highly contagious Delta variant. Recognizing that we may face the risk of infection at any time in our everyday life, please make sure to abide by Action Guideline for Avoiding COVID-19 (issued on Apr. 13th, 2020) posted on the University website.