Lowering of BCP Level and request for continued cooperation in COVID-19 prevention

Dear Students, faculty and staff at MuroranIT,


In consideration of the lifting of state of emergency in Hokkaido, the MuroranIT COVID-19 Task Force has decided to lower its alert level to BCP Level 1 from October 1, 2021.


Following this decision, we will resume our education and research activities inside university with a priority on the prevention of COVID-19 infection. As the infection situation is changing day by day, we ask each and every member of MuroranIT to continue to follow “Action Guideline for Avoiding COVID-19” and “Request from Hokkaido” to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


We MuroranIT make our utmost efforts not only to facilitate education and research but also to prevent the spread of infection on campus. We would like to request your understanding and cooperation.



KUGA Yoshikazu
Muroran Institute of Technology