Looking for continued cooperation in COVID-19 preventative measures

Dear Students,


As announced by the President on April 7, the number of infected cases and close contacts on- and off- campus has been sharply increasing due to activities in group. If the number of infected people and close contacts continues to rise, we have no choice but to suspend educational, research and extracurricular activities on campus. In order not to impede on-campus activities, we advise students to actively follow preventative measures against the spread of infectious diseases.


Currently, the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot (third time) is being conducted under the lead of local governments. MuroranIT is also planning to implement university-based vaccination in June. Since it has the effect of preventing aggravation of symptoms and contributing to infection containment, please consider taking vaccination positively.


[COVID-19 Infection Control Measures]

1. Please make sure to avoid “3Cs” (crowded places, close contact settings, and closed spaces) during extracurricular activities in full compliance with infection control measures. If it is confirmed that the activity was carried out without taking anti-infection measures, the activity concerned will be suspended.

2. Please refrain from having dinner in group accompanying conversation with a mask off, as it increases the risk of infection.

3. If you have symptoms of new coronavirus disease, please consult with local health center below. You can also contact the MuroranIT Health Administration Center by telephone. If you get infected, confirmed as close contact or if you are instructed to perform a PCR test by local health center, please immediately report it to the Student Support Section or Center for International Relations.



[Hokkaido COVID-19 Health Center]
0120-501-507 (toll-free number, 24-hour)


-Health Administration Center (0143-46-5855)
-For International Students: Center for International Relations (0143-46-5888)



Vice President
Muroran Institute of Technology