Preparation for Online Lesson (modified)

Dear all students,


In order to avoid COVID-19, all the lectures are conducted through Zoom online. The online lessons starts on April 22nd and continues until May 27th. Please get access to the following weblink in order to know how to take online lectures by MuroranIT.
(You need to activate Webmail/Moodle account in advance.)

Moodle Course: Support for Online Lectures for Students 2020 (学生向け遠隔授業支援2020, Japanese Title Only)


If you have any questions, please contact to International Center.

Thank you for your cooperation.


April 17th, 2020.

Student Support Center (Gakusei Shien-kakari)
TEL: 0143-46-5129
International Center (Ryugakusei-kakari)
TEL: 0143-46-5888