How to deal with infected patients of COVID-19 when it happens. (For international students)

1. If you are infected by or suspected of COVID-19, you MUST inform the staff
of MuroranIT International Center and Muroran Health Center.

 *MuroranIT International Center: Center for International Relations, MuroranIT
 (0143-46-5888, )
 *Muroran Health Center: Hokkaido Institute of Public Health Muroran Brunch
 (0143-24-9833, from 8:45am to 5:30pm )


 *MuroranIT Guard
 (0143-46-5067, Japanese only, Sat.,Sun.,Night )
 *Hokkaido Health Center in Sapporo: Hokkaido Government Healthcare Section
 (011-204-5020, Japanese only, 7 days 24 hours )