How to distribute the orientation documents among freshmen on April 16th and 17th, and how to collect the documents that each freshman submits

1. Distributing and collecting documents will be conducted in the gym.

   Please check the schedule on page 2.


2.The followings are what you will do in the gym;

(1) Look at the board, check where you should go, and go to your place.

(2) At your place, you will receive three kinds of bags. (Click here to check the bags.)

(3) Put the documents you submit into green bag, put the green bag into the collecting box near the exit, and go out of gym. Then, you can go home.

  Click here to watch image.



  • Keep on walking unless you get to the place of “STOP”.
  • Sanitize your hands when you enter the gym.
  • Put on a mask covering your mouth and nose.
  • You can speak only if a staff asks you in the gym.
  • Refrain from chatting with your friends while you come to and go out of the gym.
  • After you get home, check your ID and PW for webmail and get access to the webmail. And you need to reply and answer some questions in the mails.