The current research topic is the development of nanostructured thin films of superconducting and thermoelectric oxides.
The goals of my research are the enhancement of electric current transport of superconducting films and improvement of efficiency thermal energy conversion of thermoelectric modules based on thin films.
The common approach for both categories of materials is the nanoengineering strategy to insert nanosized artificial defects (AD) inside the films.
In superconductors, ADs act as pinning centers for the magnetic flux vortices enhancing the critical current; in thermoelectric films the role of ADs is to improve the scattering of phonons leading to lower thermal conductivity and enhance efficiency of thermal energy conversion.
Advanced nanostructured materials will play an important role in the current challenge to develop alternative and sustainable energy technologies to reduce our dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.


   Materials Science
   Ceramic Materials
   Single Crystals Growth
   Melt-Texture Growth
   Fabrication of Thin Films
   Nano Science & Technology
   Vortex Physics and Pinning

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